where you create a song under the guidance
of music supervisors and the WUP TEAM
| October 11th to November 7th |

Ready to do this?

We could not be more excited to open up the doors for Crafting The Tune one more time! Join the What Up Pitches team plus 2 music supervisors and guest music industry experts during this 4-week workshop where you will be creating a song while receiving feedback, learning new techniques, and building invaluable intimate connections. Only 20 spots available.

To be able to join, you must submit your top TWO tracks that showcase you as an artist/producer/songwriter the best. Once the WUP team goes through submissions, we'll invite only 20 artists/producers. Invite only. 

Music Supervisor #1: Garrett McElver


Garrett McElver is part of the Los Angeles based music supervision team at SuperMusicVision, whose music supervision credits include Gentefied (Netflix), The Republic of Sarah (CW), SEAL Team (CBS), Guilty Party (Paramount+), Coyote (Paramount Network), Paradise Lost (Spectrum), and The Tick (Amazon), as well as a variety of independent feature and short films. Additionally, his music coordinator credits include Better Call Saul (AMC), Grace and Frankie (Netflix), Your Honor (Showtime), Sneaky Pete (Amazon), Love (Netflix), among many others.

Garrett has a passion for education and is actively involved with the Guild of Music Supervisors ‘State of Music In Media' Conference, as well as various panels and seminars. He also teaches the ‘Music Supervision’ and ‘Music Licensing’ courses at the Los Angeles College of Music in Pasadena.

Previously, Garrett was the Creative Department Director for the entertainment law firm Winogradsky/Sobel. There he managed and developed an independent one-stop catalog that specialized in music licensing for Film and TV, and worked with their administration, publishing, and consulting clients.

Garrett can also be found playing in a punk band around town called El Chavito.

Music Supervisor #2: Daniel Kuypers


Daniel Kuypers is a 22 year music industry veteran who has been producing music for brands for the past 12 years. Prior to joining Energy BBDO to start and run the music department, he was at Music Dealers, where he led the creative department focusing on the Coca Cola account, working on multiple award winning campaigns. Getting his start as a musician, and establishing EV Productions & EV Records, an umbrella of Chicago’s most well respected indie labels, distribution companies and recording studios, Daniel released over 100 records across three labels and toured the globe as a DJ and performer.

As the SVP, Executive Director of Music at Energy BBDO Daniel works with internal teams, clients, artists and music companies around the world to use music in new, innovative ways while creating value for both the artist and the client. Daniel’s duties include music supervision, music strategy, partnerships, licensing, negotiation, editing, writing and final music production for a varied roster of past and present clients including PepsiCo, Wrigley/Mars, MillerCoors, Starbucks, Bayer, AT&T, Bud Light, LG, Wells Fargo, Champion, Jack Daniel’s and more.



"Crafting The Tune gave me opportunities I foresee will keep growing for years to come. Well after the program's completion, I still actively collaborate with fellow songwriters I met through the program. In addition to the community, Crafting The Tune armed me with practical knowledge from split sheets to research advice to candid feedback straight from music supervisors. Thank you so much to What Up Pitches for making this wonderful experience possible!"

-Kimberly Hou

"The WUP Crafting the Tune workshop was awesome. Weekly curriculum was well thought out and explained a lot of topics that were previously unclear. The WUP team was very attentive in providing feedback and helping to improve the song and my overall production skills. I am very happy to have taken the course, and feel that I am much better prepared to license my music, including achieving higher production levels and understanding the details of song administration."

-Mike Mchugh - GrooveShine

"Crafting The Tune was an incredible experience that provided hands on, behind the scenes insights into producing music geared for sync. The unique opportunity to learn from the What Up Pitches team and receive feedback from industry supervisors was invaluable!"

-Tania Joy

 If you’re thinking of signing up for the next Crafting the Tune workshop, stop thinking! Just do it! I feel really privileged that I was able to be a part of the first Crafting the Tune workshop. It was more awesome than I could have imagined!

Assigned to a Music Supervisor, I was able to work with my cowriter to produce a song that was authentic to me as an artist, whilst being guided by the talented ladies at What Up Pitches - Marie, Celia and Pei Pei, as well as the Music Supervisor whose group I was assigned to, to ensure the song was suitable for pitching for sync.

The support and feedback was extraordinary - from WUP, the Music Supervisor, other songwriters in my group and other songwriters assigned to other groups. Even the guest speakers were so giving with their time and knowledge, giving feedback on songs that they listened to for the first time on their zoom calls with us.

The songs that came out of the group encouragement and support were extraordinary. Everyone excelled, grew and blossomed. It was wonderful to see and be a part of.

I can’t recommend this workshop highly enough. If you get the chance, just do it! I know that when the next one comes along I’ll be doing my best to get on board for that one, too. Thank you WUP - the Crafting the Tune workshop is the BEST!!"

-Mary Harrison

 "The WUP team is a fantastic resource for content creators to learn about writing for sync, to connect with collaborators, and to receive valuable information about the needs of music supervisors for upcoming projects. They are an open, fun, and knowledgeable group of women who truly care about the best interest of their community of creators and supervisors.

Through a recent opportunity to learn from WUP via a course offering, I was able to meet a music supervisor looking for music like mine, write a song tailored to his needs, and get my music that much closer to finding a home in sync! I very much look forward to continuing to build my relationship with WUP, and I am very excited to have them represent my music!"

-Ailie MacK, Songwriter and Vocalist


Weekly Guests


Artist / Producer Duo

Richard Harris

Producer / Songwriter
Songwriter Camps

Rosie Howe

Music Supervisor

Sam Parvin

Music Supervisor


and more!



Crafting The Tune is a 4-week, hands-on, creative journey where you’ll write a song based on an active project or TV show from the guest music supervisors. It will be an intimate workshop with only 20 spots available.

This is an opportunity for you to connect with and take direct feedback from a top music supervisor, revise your work and then present a final polished version. This is incredibly rare! Music supervisors are typically too busy to reply to your emails, much less provide you with detailed feedback, and we know how difficult it is to build a trusting relationship. But this all happens at Crafting The Tune.

Guest speakers include music supervisors and top performing producers and artists who are killing it in the industry right now. All of these pros, along with the What Up Pitches team will be your support network, molding the songs with you and giving feedback. We’ll have a private online group, office hours, and we’ll always be available for questions. The songs created during Crafting The Tune will be signed exclusively to What Up Pitches LLC and pitched for opportunities beyond the ones presented in this workshop!

Crafting The Tune will start on October 11th and end on November 7th. We can't wait!

Week 1:

Music Supervisor introductions

Description of shows, briefs, music the music supervisors are looking for.
Artists share your work and get to know others in the group

Research the presented TV shows and brands (we’ll share resources) 
Find your team or teams
Start your song
Guest session - Clearance (creative and business sides), the other side of the industry with Netflix music supervisor Rosie Howe
Office Hours with WUP

Week 2:

Group Feedback
Guest session - Production and writing tips for TV & Ads with Munnycat, a music duo with hundreds of placements and years of experience in the sync world
Work on your demo
Written feedback in the group from music supervisors
Share song demo for feedback from a music supervisor
First live feedback session with the music supervisors
Office Hours with WUP

Week 3:

Work on revisions
Guest session - Songwriting and business with Richard Harris, a #1 Billboard songwriter, producer, artist and mentor
Office Hours with WUP
Group Feedback
Final track due by end of the week
Final feedback session with the music supervisors

Week 4:

Work on any final revisions
Get the song mixed/mastered
Guest session - Doing custom work for brands with independent music supervisor Sam Parvin
Paperwork - Split sheets, work for hire contracts, PRO collection and more
Office Hours with WUP
Submit final track
Closing party

What you will get in a nutshell:

  • Mentorship from music supervisors
  • Weekly advice from music industry experts
  • Feedback from the WUP team and peers
  • A tight and reliable community
  • Weekly sync tips, videos & educational materials 
  • Inspiration & motivation
  • Accountability
  • Office hours

By the end of the 4 weeks you will have finished a song inspired by a project presented by the music supervisors who will be joining us. Along the way, the music supervisor will give you feedback and you will be able to craft your song and show them the final result. The WUP team will guide you as you do research, listen to reference tracks, discuss lyric themes and production techniques, and talk about the steps needed to effectively pitch your songs so that you can take your career to the next level.


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