What is a Listening Fiesta?

It's a monthly event where we invite a Music Supervisor to join us for a Q&A and a listening session. This event is free and open to the public. Click here to watch the replays of past events.

If they've shared any searches with us, we'll let you know the details. If not, we always recommend researching to figure out what they might need.

  • Contest

You can send your best song that you think will fit what this music supervisor needs or is looking for. Among the songs sent to us, we chose one winner whose song will be played for free. We usually only accept the first 20 songs, and we take into consideration the quality of the song (no demos please), lyrics, and if it fits this specific music supervisor's needs.

  • Paid

You can also reserve your spot, but it's important to know that these sell out quickly. We usually only have between 9 and 15 paid spots available to ensure that your song has time to be played and receive feedback. After the Fiesta your song will be sent directly to the music supervisor.

The exact date and time for these submissions will be announced throughout What Up Pitches' social media and will be sent to your email if you've joined our mailing list. Join our Facebook Group where we announce new events, share submission links, post sync tips, challenges, and videos.

If you have any questions regarding our Listening Fiestas please email us at [email protected]. To receive emails about upcoming listening fiestas, please join our mailing list (hit the home button at the top of the page).