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WUP Metadata Template

We think you'll find this metadata template extremely useful!

It is similar to what What Up Pitches uses for their artists' catalog but it has been modified to be used by:

  • Artists
  • Producers
  • Composers
  • Songwriters
  • and more...

This metadata template for anyone who writes/produces/pitches songs. It's especially helpful if you collaborate with other musicians.

Not to toot our own horn but... What Up Pitches receives praises all the time about how organized and detailed our metadata is. We're proud of how we do it and now we want to share that with you!

Our goal was to keep this template very inexpensive and simple so anyone can use but to make sure it had all of the information we'd like artists to have ready to go. All you need to do is watch the videos provided to get familiarized with the process and start using it!


Separate tables where you can:
1. Update information about your collaborators

2. Keep track of songs and their respective metadata (fields are already populated with What Up Pitches' recommended metadata)

3. Store all of the splits per song/collaborator

We have created formulas that automatically put together every collaborator's PRO info as well as links that you can easily share with your collaborators so they can fill out the information inside of each table in case you prefer to delegate that task to someone else.

You'll also find external links throughout the tables explaining details or sharing useful folders with content such as one-stop agreement template or split sheet templates.

WUP has to give you access to this template so please allow 24 hours to be given access after you purchase. In the meantime you'll be able to view all of the videos explaining the template, this way you'll be ready to use it once you're given access.
If you don't receive an email with access to the template after 24 hours please email us.