June 7th & 8th, 2024

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Top Music Supervisors

Mostly for advertisement. Independent as well as in ad agencies.


Designated time to chat with music supervisors and other attendees. Now is the time to make connections.

Crafting The Tune

Full day to write a song with the guidance of the WUP team and music supervisors.

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WUP IT UP is a What Up Pitches in-person sync event. You won’t want to miss it because…..no one throws a Sync Fiesta like the WUP ladies do !

We’re hosting our in-person event in Chi-town! The city that’s filled to the brim with ad agencies. All the more reason to host an ad focused sync conference here in this amazing city! Guests will include top music supervisors and music executives at some of the biggest ad agencies in the world.

WHERE: Davis Theatre - 4614 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

Friday, June 7th

Pitching Sessions

Exclusive and limited 1-on-1 sessions where you will get a chance to bring your best songs and have a top music industry executive listen to them. Or maybe you'll just want to chat with them for a little while and get to know them? Use your time wisely 😉.

Listening Fiesta 🎉

There's NO way we're not having a Listening Fiesta during our first in-person event! Submit your songs (preferably by end of May) and the WUP team will randomly select some to be played for the music supervisors. They'll receive live feedback during the event! The WUP team will also hand-pick a few as "contest winners".


Throughout the day, we'll have special guests on stage. Music supervisors will talk about the projects they are working on, their needs, and share tips. We'll share some success stories and hear their "Road To Sync". We'll also have some panels with female producers killin' it in the game! And more...

Showcase 🎶

Show off your talent! Submit your music (preferably by end of May) to be invited to perform at our WUP showcase which will take place Friday night. You'll receive the submission link once you get your ticket.

After the showcase, we'll have an open mic! First come first served.

Cocktails & Mingle

Stick around and mingle with attendees and panelists! Set up a co-write or two, have some dinner, relax and enjoy. Starting as soon as the panels are over. A priceless sync licensing conference experience.

Saturday, June 8th

Mini Crafting The Tune 🔥 - Limited Spots

Since early 2021 What Up Pitches has been hosting "Crafting The Tune", an immersive workshop where artists & producers create a song under the guidance of music supervisors & the WUP team.

For our in-person event, we will have a Mini Crafting The Tune where music supervisors will come in and share their active briefs. You'll be divided into groups to create songs for these briefs. By the end of the day, you'll have a chance to present your song-in-progress to the music supervisors, the WUP team and your peers, and your song will be . You will also receive feedback from the music supervisors.

It doesn't end there though...

You'll then have two weeks to take that feedback, polish the song and fully produce/finish it and send the final tracks to the WUP team. We'll give any final feedback and the song will be sent to the music supes directly!  It'll also be signed exclusively to What Up Pitches for 3 years and pitched for various TV/Film/Ad opportunities throughout the year!

Limited spots available. Lunch included.

Co-Write Sesh

Let's make some music! This is open to all levels and for anyone who wants to collaborate and have a creative and exciting day! You'll be given some briefs from What Up Pitches and you'll have all day to write, record and show off your demo! You can decide who you want to co-write with. We suggest working with new people because you never know if you'll meet your next partner in sync crime.

You'll then have two weeks to finish up your song (no demos) and submit it to a private link for the WUP team to hear it and consider adding it to their catalog! 

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Schedule -  June 2024

SATURDAY A June 8th - Co-write


If you have a Saturday A Co-write Sesh ticket, go to:

Borelli’s Restaurant
2124 W Lawrence Ave
Chicago, IL 60625

Be there by 9:45 am! We’ll start right at 10 am.

SATURDAY B June 8th - Mini Crafting The Tune

If you have a Saturday B Crafting The Tune ticket, go to:

2112 Chicago
4245 N Knox Ave
Chicago, IL 60641

Be there by 9:45 am! We’ll start right at 10 am.

Diana - AKA Tomboy Noise

"I live in the LA area and I have attended numerous SYNC events. The What Up Pitches SYNC Fiesta in Chicago was the best SYNC event I have ever attended! Great staff of volunteers! It was well rounded, with the perfect combo of interactive and listening panels. From the quality of the venues to the high caliber supervisors, to the outrageously amazing pour over coffee, it was apparent that a great deal of thought, planning, and work went into this event to make it special for all attending. It was an amazing value, as well. I can't wait to do it again! Thanks WUP, you crushed it! Peace -"

Joe Uzzo

"My experience at the WUP it Up event in Chicago was nothing short of magical and invigorating, as I'm sure it was for many others. To say the ladies at What Up Pitches put together one hell of an event would be an understatement. The knowledge, opportunities, love and dedication to this community, the heart-to-hearts and great hangs with friends old and new- I'm still processing it all. I'm so honored and grateful to have been a part of it, as well as a guest speaker on the Road to Sync Panel. I've attended in person sync events in the past and this one blew them away. These ladies have a really great way of presenting information in a way that's fun, engaging and memorable.

If you're even the slightest bit interested in this side of the music industry, I implore you to come to the next one. (I'm assuming there will be a next one based on the success of this one.) The amount of value you get out of it will exceed your expectations and most likely change your life."

Heather Evans

"I went to WUP It Up feeling a little discouraged and when I left I felt SO INSANELY INSPIRED. The What Up Pitches team is fostering a beautiful community and giving amazing opportunities to independent artists like myself and I am so grateful." -

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WUP It Up 2024 - Panelist Lineup

Check out their bios HERE

Sponsored by:

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2023 Music Supervisors/Agents - Panelist Lineup

Sarah Pilotte Music Supervisor at Live Nation
Stump Mahoney Music Supervisor at FCB
Madeline Dowling Music Supervisor at Eternal Music Group
Kristin Summers - Financial advisor at Morgan Stanley
Jessie LaBelle Music Supervisor at Some Odd Pilot
Chris Clark Music Supervisor at Squeak E Clean
Michelle Wahl Entertainment Lawyer at Swanson, Matin & Belle
Julie Nichols music producer at Squeak E Clean
Nathan Monteith Music Supervisor at Highdive
Brandon Smith Music Agent at Songfinch
Gabi Kochlani - A&R at The Grey Administration
Attique Iqbal - Songwriter & Music Coordinator at NFL

WUP It Up 2022 Music Supervisors/Agents - Panelist Lineup

Jessie LaBelle Music Supervisor at Some Odd Pilot
Bonny Dolan Music Supervisor at Comma Music
Daniel Kuypers Music Supervisor at Energy BBDO
Stump Mahoney Music Supervisor at FCB
Brandy Ricker Independent Music Supervisor
Madeline Dowling Music Supervisor at Eternal Music Group
Chris Clark Music Supervisor at Squeak E Clean
Oren Daniels Music Supervisor at DDB
Alec Stern Music Supervisor at Radish Music
Julie Nichols music producer at Squeak E Clean
Libby Morris Music Supervisor at Mcgarrybowen
Lily Shallow Music Supervisor at Comma Music
Claire O'Connor Music Supervisor at BBDO
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Some of our previous guests:

Sam Hayflitch

Music Supervisor at ViacomCBS

Paul Greco

Music supervisor at Wunderman Thompson

Brandy Rickers

Independent music supervisor mostly for ads

Daniel Kuypers

Music supervisor for ads at Energy BBDO 

Adèle Ho

Independent music supervisor for TV/Film.

Justin Kamps

Independent music supervisor mostly for TV

Dondrea Erauw

Former Music supervisor at instinct entertainment

Michael Gross

Music supervisor at Squeak E. Clean

Eric Kalver

Music supervisor for Cocomelon

Satya Fuentes

Music supervisor for TV/Film at Netflix

Gabe McDonough

Music supervisor for ads at MAS

Siân O'Byrne

Music supervisor for TV/Film at The Song Rep

Christine Leslie

Music supervisor for ads at TA2 music

Mike Ladman

Music supervisor for ads at Droga5

Catherine Wharton

Music supervisor for at ViacomCBS

Alec Stern

Music supervisor for ads at Radish Music

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